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6th Grade:
Article 1
Article 2

Hot Wheels Analysis
Career Project Presentation on Pilots
More Info on the Presentation
Bioengineering Summaries for Below
Bioengineering Articles
Desert Crash Lab

Language Arts:
Animal Farm Analysis
Animal Farm
Animal Farm script
Harry Potter
10 Basic Activities of Teens (presentation)
Farmer in the sky essay
Observational Writing Essay
Proud to be an American Essay
More poetry
Rain poetry
A spelling activity
A Sportsmanship Essay
Wind in the Willows Summary
Wild Animal Park Vocabulary

Social Studies:
USA Map Key (real big help in 8th grade)
United Nations Enviornmental Preservation Article
United Nations Enviornmental Preservation Article #2
Massachusets Bay Colony
Technology and Tools of the Last Millenium
Native American Mosaic
Essay on the African Nok People
Chile Document 1
Chile Document 2
Chile Document 3
An Evaluative Essay on "The Crossing"
The Inca People
The US Due Process

Take a break from homework with video game cheats and hints:
007 for N64
AM3D cheats
FF7 walkthrough (disk 1)
FF7 walkthrough (disk 2)
GTA 2 cheats (GTA 1 is better)
Need for speed 2 cheats
NCAA football 1999 cheats
Xenogears cheats
Go rent or buy Medal of Honor for PSX. It's the best game out there.

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